Training & Security Solutions

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CAI was established in 1999 and is a veteran-owned small business staffed by current and former military and law enforcement specialists with a broad experience base in their respective areas of expertise. The training we provide is circumscribed around the field operator’s perspective on building entry challenges. Our position is that techniques tailored for the classroom or workbench do not necessarily work in the field.

CAI’s mission is to meet the training and security needs of our government and private sector clients in a professional and discrete manner. We pride ourselves in teaching skills and techniques that have been employed operationally in the field and have proven effective over time.

Our perspective on facility security is unique to the industry. We approach our assessments from the viewpoint of an entry specialist. This allows us to customize and select recommendations and risk management procedures to better mitigate your threats.

CAI is first and foremost a service organization. In that regard we work to foster long-term relationships with the units, departments, and corporations that we partner with.

Specialized Building Entry Training

To fully exploit a target building, vehicle, or container you must first be able to gain access. We will teach you the skills required to not only enter a site, but to carry out objectives on target, then leave the site without any evidence of having been there.

Facility & Site Security Assessments

The “appearance of security” does not equate to actual security. Organizations frequently invest substantial amounts of money for physical security devices; including access control, alarms, and other countermeasures. Without proper instruction and guidance organizations often reduce the actual security of their premises through improper application.

The only way to fully assess or evaluate your security posture is to test it. Let our skilled entry/security specialists provide a realistic appraisal of your current security measures.

Risk Assessment

Before you send employees in to an unknown area in preparation for expansion of your business or to establish a new facility you need to know the risks that exist in that environment. We can send personnel into the area, evaluate the situation on the ground, and provide an assessment of what risks exist and what measures will be required to mitigate or reduce those risks.

If you are anticipating such an expansion contact us for a confidential discussion of what might be required including a full risk assessment.

Advanced Skills & Tactics

If you have specific needs in the area of training or security and would like to discuss options to meet those needs feel free to e-mail or call for a confidential discussion.